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    DiscoveryException when try to add WLS 8.1 domain to OEM

      Hi Folks,

      OEM is installed and operational.


      We have WebLogic 8.1 domain with few instances. The server Instances are running on its own IP addresses. I added the target host successfully to the OEM console but when I try adding the domain through Add (Oracle WebLogic Domain 7.x and 8.x), it fails with the following error at EMGC_OMS1 server out log.

      oracle.sysman.thirdparty.DiscoveryException: No domains found on host 10.x.x.x.
      at oracle.sysman.thirdparty.weblogic.DiscoveryUtil.parseDiscoveryResult(DiscoveryUtil.java:1950)
      at oracle.sysman.thirdparty.weblogic.DiscoveryController.handleSuccessEvent(DiscoveryController.java:1063)
      at oracle.sysman.thirdparty.weblogic.DiscoveryController.handleEvent(DiscoveryController.java:400)

      I created another simple WLS 8.1 domain with the same listen address and it added successfully to the OEM target. Only this particular domain addition fails with the above error. can you shed a light? Thanks