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    Installing PEA


      We are installing GRCC for the first time. Next steps are installing PEA

      Can anyone please advise:
      Enter GRCC port number: what are the input required for the automated installation i.e. GRCC port number? I'm not sure which port it requires...is it the web port or database port?
      Enter GRCC web services URL: I assume this is the normal http://<servername.domain>:port/grc ?

      Thank You

      Morten Hoffmann
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          yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle

          What version are you using, the latest is available at http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E25137_01/index.htm

          The latest GRC server installation guide covers this (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E25137_01/doc.863/e24450.pdf) on page 6-3. The GRCC port number is the port number the java web application runs on. For example if you installed GRCC on tomcat in the url http://myserver.com:8080/grc, the port number is 8080. For the GRCC web services URL, the guide notes /grc/services/GrcService/

          I hope that helps.