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    T5120 Initial setup - Console not working

      Greetings. I am in the process of setting up a new out-of-the-box T5120. The server was racked by another group in our company and I negelected to tell them not to apply power to it until I could connect the console. I have been trying to gain access to the server thorugh the console management port using the included cable and rj-45->db9 crossover converter. As my laptop does not have a built in serial port I am using a SIIG USB to serial DB9 convertor (http://www.siig.com/it-products/usb/converters/usb-to-serial.html). Also I am using TeraTerm (9600,8,N,1,N) to connect.

      Basically, I am getting nothing at the console. The server seems to fire up fine, but I just can't seem to get a response out of it. Any ideas on what I can do? beyond the basic setup, the documents don't offer much help.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Did you tried write #. to get Alom login promt? You should determine what problem it is. If it is problem at server side or If it is problem at converter/managing cable. Can you try use converter with managing cable at other system which you know, that is OK? I am also using converter, but from other vendor in Linux I am using CuteCom program, at Windows I am using Hyperterminal and I don't have any problems.