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    EBS Display page not displaying after SSO integration


      I am running Oracle 12.1.3 on a RH4 image. I was able to successfully install/patch 12.1.3 and also install and patch Oracle Application Server (most recent patch is Oracle Application Server and Oracle Developer Suite 10g Release 2 (10.1.2) Patch Set 2 (

      All pages are accessable including the key ones listed below.

      I ran the following script:
      $FND_TOP/bin/txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg

      Now, when attempting to access oracle EBS via
      I am correctly confronted with the SSO sign on page. I put in sysadmin/*** and am told that it isn't a user (I thought users would be synced across databases). I create a user sysadmin in OID and attempt the login again. The login is successful (as I am redirected away from the SSO page back to .../OA_HTML/AppsLogin) however the page is blank (no splash, error message or display).

      If I change my URL to
      Click log in (I am logged in automatically correctly via SSO), and then log out. I am told that I have successfully logged out of both oracle EBS and OID - as I would expect.

      I have bounced all EBS services but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. The current issue is that I cannot see the Oracle EBS welcome page after logging in via SSO. Where can I look to try and solve this issue, has anyone had this before?

      Thanks in advance for any help,

      EDIT: Attempting to access
      Does not bring up the SSO page (is instead blank - like the problem page). If I log into the SSO via OID and then navigate manually to
      I see the error: Unable to generate forwarding URL. Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Guest user/pwd does not exist or match: GUEST/ORACLE

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