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    Patch Manager (Plugin 4.0) - Patching Procedure is empty

      Hi all,

      I am experiencing some weird errors (like "no data found" when submitting a patch) in Patch Manager, i have even submitted a SR with Oracle to check the problem. However, i have noticed that every manual states that Patch Manager should come with one Patching Procedure seeded, "Patch Oracle E-Business Suite". When i see the Patching Procedures screen on Patch Manager, it is empty, there is no reference to Patch Oracle E-Business Suite, so maybe the errors i am experiencing are related to a missing procedure. For example, on the home page of Patch Manager, there is the "Start a Patch" dropdown, which should show the list of Patching Procedures, and it is also empty in my installation.

      Is there any way to download or import this standard patching procedure? Am i missing some patch on EMGC or AMP, so that this procedure does not exist?

      Thanks and Best Regards!
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          Hello Thiago,

          if the patching procedure is empty, then one important post installation step has to be executed. It is about "defining a software library path". This step will not only define a path, but will also populate data into it. After a while the missing patching procedures shall come up automatically.

          Please inspect the installation guide for ACMP for further details and advice.