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    How to register non-wsdl based URL in OEG

      How do we register a non-wsdl based URL endpoint in OEG? We had no problem registering a simple WSDL based endpoint on an OEG server. However we cannot find documentation on how to secure/register a RESTful or JSON – URL based service (SOAP, XML over HTTP type service).

      Does this functionality exist? Or are there best practices on what to do with OEG for these types of services?

      Our use case looks like:

      Akamai - - > OEG - -> OSB (WSDL, RESTful, JSON type web services) - -> .Net service (WSDL, RESTful, JSON type web services)
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          sid - oracle
          In case of REST and other non-WSDL type services, there is no SOAP/WSDL based web service like registration process, you'd use OEG as the proxy. You can receive REST based requests at OEG, retrieve parameters (there are convenience filters available for retrieval of attribute values and other types of REST related functions in OEG, as part of the Policy library, "Extract REST Request Attribute", "Validate REST filter", "Create REST Request" etc. - search for REST at the top using Policy Studio, drag it on to canvas and click help for docs on these filters) and do the routing to actual REST end point services. You have the option to receive and use the SOAP message as a basis of generation of the REST url.

          REST to SOAP - http://www.soatothecloud.com/2008/11/how-to-convert-from-rest-to-soap.html
          SOAP to REST - http://markoneill.sys-con.com/node/1989916

          On use with JSON: you can convert XML to JSON on the outbound side to serve mobile clients etc. using script based(standard XSLT) conversions at the gateway. Conversions to Java using google gson library is also an option.

          To register a REST service, simply map the path (e.g. "/MyRESTService") to the policy you're using to process the REST request.

          Let's say you want to simply route a REST request through OEG (e.g. - to OSB). You would create a policy (right-click on "Policies" and add it). Drag in a "Static Router" filter and place in it the hostname and port of the host you want to route to (e.g. - to OSB). Then right-click on it and choose "Set as start" so that it is the first thing which is processed for this REST request. Then drag in a "Connection" filter, and chain it (using a green arrow) after the Static Router filter. The "Connection" filter actually makes the connection to the backend host.

          Now, map the path (using "Add Relative Path") to the service so that if a REST request to "/MyRESTService" or "/MyRESTService/something" comes into OEG, it is routed on to the backend host.

          Deploy your policy (using F6 or the "deploy" button on the Policy Studio toolbar). Then send in your REST request.

          There is actually already a simple REST service setup on OEG, called "healthcheck". If you point a browser to http://<OEG_IP_ADDRESS:8080/healthcheck" then this is run.

          If the backend REST service returns JSON, the response JSON will simply be sent back through OEG.