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    JVue Scripting - setMarkupMode()

      When calling setMarkupMode(true), it works as I would expect (i.e. opening the markups related GUI items).
      When calling setMarkupMode(false), it does not work as documented in the InstallConfigGuideCS.pdf which says that it will "exit Markup mode". Instead, it stays in markup mode and creates a new empty markup.

      Is this a bug? error in documentation? other?
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          Jeff Singer-Oracle
          Take a look at the API Guide (C:\Oracle\AutoVue\docs\AutoVueAPIProgrammersGuide.pdf):

          Exiting Markup Mode
          Checks whether the MarkupBean member is null, and if not:

          Sets the MarkupBean member to null
          Removes markup‐specific mouse listeners
          Saves markup settings into the user’s profile
          Broadcasts VueEvent.ONEXITMARKUPMODE

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            Thanks for the quick response. However, I would point out that I am not using the VueBean class/object directly. As the subject states, I am using the Oracle supplied JVue Applet and its scripting method. However, you have given me an idea for a workaround which I willl post if successful. (But if anyone else has other information I would be happy to hear it.)
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              Jeff's suggestion lead to a successful workaround though I still believe the applet method setMarkupMode() to be buggy.
              Since the applet exposes the underlying VueBean, I can use it as Jeff suggests:
              applet.getActiveVueBean().setMarkupModeEnabled(true | false);

              p.s. Though this does work as documented, I would warn that using the (false) option destroys currently loaded markups. To me, I was expecting (and wanting) to merely toggle the display of the markup GUI elements without destroying information. I am assuming there is a way to do this but I am pretty new to the overall API so will have to search for that as well.