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    UCM adding "/groups/public/documents/webasset, websiteName " to end of url

      It seems that UCM is adding pieces of a path to the end of urls and throwing errors in the logs. When you click on a link that was created using the link wizard to "link to a section" the page is directed correctly but the logs are showing this error:

      Event generated by user 'ttms080' at host ''. Referred to by http://intentionallyLeftBlank/up/customers/announcements/agriculturalproducts/allagriculturalproducts/index.htm.
      User agent is Mozilla/4.0 and request method is GET.

      The path exists:

      but this doesn't and is added to the end of the url instead of /index.htm:
      groups/public/documents/webasset, up

      The name of the website is up. Why is the content server adding this to the url?