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    map object display error after moving catalog


      We're having an error in the map object when displaying an analysis.

      View Display Error
      The map cannot render because the background map (__OBIEE__MAPVIEW__TILE__BIDEV_MAP__OBIEE_WORLD_MAP_FAST__~v0) has been moved or deleted. Please contact your administrator.
      Error Details
      Error Codes: STT5439Z
      Location: saw.views.evc.activate, saw.subsystem.portal, saw.httpserver.processrequest, saw.rpc.server.responder, saw.rpc.server, saw.rpc.server.handleConnection, saw.rpc.server.dispatch, saw.threadpool, saw.threadpool, saw.threads

      the same screen works fine in the environment where is has been built. Copying it to another OBIEE enviroment is showing the error.
      However, If we edit the analysis (in the problematic environment) we're able to create a similar map object and it displays fine so the setup is correct.

      Has some one experienced a similar issue?

      Thank you,