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    Extend Statistics: ThroughputInbound, ThroughputOutbound


      We have a cluster that has 2 Extend proxies with 8 storage-enabled nodes that write-though to an RDBMS. Cache data is MACHINE-SAFE. The cluster is running on 1Gb LAN; I believe the DB is also. Extend clients may run on either 1Gb or 100Mb. I see the following Statistics for the ExtendTcpProxyService MBean and I am unsure just how to interpret the values.

      Presumably the throughput numbers I'm seeing are some kind of averages over time rather than peak throughput? I'm concerned that the throughput numbers seem low and therefore might indicate a problem.

      Throughput inbound/outbound measured relative to what? The proxy node relative to both Extend clients plus the storage-enabled cluster, or the proxy node relative to Extend clients only?

      How large is a message? Is a message a "piece of string" depending upon the size of a cache entry, or are messages of fixed size?

      Connections=98, Cpu=214826ms (0.0%), Messages=15565844, Throughput=72457.914msg/sec, AverageActiveThreadCount=0.02479306, Tasks=14267255, AverageTaskDuration=3.5923638ms, MaximumBacklog=5, BytesReceived=29.8GB, BytesSent=268GB, ThroughputInbound=117Kbps, ThroughputOutbound=1.05Mbps

      Connections=90, Cpu=194426ms (0.0%), Messages=8823167, Throughput=45380.594msg/sec, AverageActiveThreadCount=0.0100068785, Tasks=8539157, AverageTaskDuration=2.4227173ms, MaximumBacklog=5, BytesReceived=13.9GB, BytesSent=185GB, ThroughputInbound=54.6Kbps, ThroughputOutbound=750Kbps

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