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    Find Objects in the StackFrame via the ID

      Hello everyone,

      I'm looking for a way to find a variable via a valid Object ID. Here is some code of mine in a pseudo manner how I access the variables in the current frame:

      List<LocalVariable> vars = frame.visibleVariables();
      Map<LocalVariable, Value> values = frame.getValues(vars);
      for (LocalVariable entry : vars) {
                Value val = (Value) values.get(entry);
                // val.toString() ==> "instance of abc (ID=1234)"

      Now, if I parse all value objects, I can check for the ID. But how do I get a reference to a object ID which is not in the first hierarchy.
      For example, the object A (ID=1234) has object B (ID=2345) as a member. If I'm looking for ID=2345, I don't find the object with the sketched algorithm.

      Of course, I can iterate over all objects recursively. But in a big system, this takes forever by doing it manually.
      So, is there a builtin method/way to get a object reference or absolute object name ( like ID=6432 yields objA.objB.objC) only by using a known Object ID?

      Kind Regards,