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    Prevent concurrent data update in Hyperion planning

    Hari Ram

      We have a Hyperion planning application with below features,

      Apart from the basic dimensions, there is a dimension "Item Code" with about 100 item codes as dimension members slay Item001 to Item100.

      A dataform where data is to be updated against an Entity, a Business rule is run to select the first unused item code dimension member from the Item code dimension for this data update.

      Assume the following combination has data

      Entity1 -------------> Item001
      Entity1 ---------------->Item002

      When the data form is opened to update data for any Entity and the business rule is run, the next first unused Item code will be selected for data update.

      Now, if two users open the webform to update data for Entity1, Entity2 respectively, the business rule would pick up Item003 the next first unused Item code.

      Entity1 -------------> Item003
      Entity1 ---------------->Item003

      This is not desired. How to prevent this situation. ?