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    Customize Weblogic Console Language

      How can I customize the language of Weblogic Server Console?

      We are used to working with English language. That was the default of console till version 10.3.2.

      I installed the version 10.3.5 and the language changed to Portuguese (my locale language).

      How can I say to Weblogic use always English and not my locale language?

      Thanks. Mauro.
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          René van Wijk

          Look for the section 'Changing the Default Language of the Administration Console'

          Sorry this is for 8 not for 10.3. I think in 10.3 it just picks your language you have configured in your browser.
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            René, that's weblogic 8 documentation.

            I can't see any Language customize option in [Console preferences of 10.3.5|http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12840_01/wls/docs103/ConsoleHelp/taskhelp/console/ChangeConsoleBehavior.html]

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              Like most webapps, the console uses browser preferences to control which language us returned in a request, and we have no preferences in the console itself to override these browser preferences.

              We've received some feedback asking for a console language override preference, so that their users browser preferences would be used to interact with other sites and yet they would always interact with the WLS admin console using English. Its a fair amount of work for us to do this, and we've been struggling a bit to understand the context of why this is important - why one would want to interact with the console in English and yet use their own language for other applications. Any light you could share on why browser preferences aren't satisfactory would be appreciated.
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                I think the main reason to keep English as console language is that there are some technical words of Computer Science which loose context when translated to other languages. Some technical words should be keep in the original language to means the original mean.

                One option in console preferences to keep in english instead of use the browser language will help a lot system administrators and operators.

                Translation to local browser language is a good option to final users of systems, but technical users on a weblogic will prefer technical words.

                Mauro do Valle
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                  Complementing what Valle said...

                  It's almost like java language statements were translated for local language. Instead of the command 'while', in Portuguese you should write 'enquanto'.

                  People are used with english technical words.

                  Mauro Flores.

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                    Thanks for the feedback. We'll see if we can address this in a future release.
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                      One more vote for this! Where is "Logging", "Keystores", "Providers", ... ?
                      Who did agree for this? Somebody who had some technical knowledge, at least a little experience? ..
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                        An easy way to fix it (permanently or temporary), is to add the language you wish into your Internet Explorer configuration. Go to tools/internet options/general tab/language button and you add the language you want and make it first in the list, save and close/open your browser. It works fine for me