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    Apache WebLogic Plugin not load balancing HTTP Post

      Here is the scenario we have

      WebService A making call to another WebServer B fronted by Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and an Apache WebLogic plugin loadbalancing OSB servers. Here is the call path

      WebService A (HTTP Post) -> Apache in front of OSB -> OSB Cluster (ClusterCapacity = 8) -> WebService B (Business Service)

      Problem: Only one OSB server in the cluster is taking the complete load originating from WebService A.
      WebLogicBridgeConfig page shows all the 8 servers active with no errors and these 8 servers are actually taking the load serving other business services which is font ended by the same apache plugin.

      Environment: Apache 2.2.x, Oracle Service Bus 10gR3.
      Platform: RHEL 5.x

      Appreciate your inputs to solve this issue.