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    Tutor 14 - different formats than Tutor 11i

      I've moved from Tutor 11i to Tutor 14 and noticed that the default formats/styles are different, for example, body text in Tutor 11i was New Times Roman where as in Tutor 14 is it Arial. The bigger concern is the paragraph spacing, Tutor 11i had spacing of 6pt before all text styles however Tutor 14 has 3pt before and 3pt after.

      Is there any way to change the default setting for these styles?
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          All the formatting in Tutor is controlled in the Author.dot file. You need to open the template file and modify the formatting of the variou styles defined in the template.

          For example, "Body Text" is the most basic style upon which most other styles are built. So if you change the line spacing of "Body Text" from 3pt to 6pt, most other styles will be updated with line spacing of 6pt.

          This is all MS Word functionality, so someone who is very familiar with Styles and Formatting should make these changes in Author.dot file.

          Make sure you take a backup of the original Author.dot file in case something becomes corrupt, so that you can revert back to the original file. You should test your changes thoroughly to make sure that your changes isn't breaking anything.