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    OSM - Central Order Managment -> Service Order Managment


      I'm studing OSM. Now, I have a problem. How the request Order passes from COM (Central Order Managment) to the SOM (Service Order Managment) ?

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          Lucas Andres Muñoz
          Hi !

          I'm studing OSM too, I have been reading documentation and I Understand that COM and SOM are booth in a Single Orchestration process that can be designed in

          "Design Studio" as a plug in of the Eclipse Plataform, when you talk about "how the request Order passes from COM to SOM" I asume that you understand the

          process to get the income message that comes from a external system as a file .XSD and then the Orchestration process have to convert that file in a XML that understand the OSM, then the OSM have to map each products or items or services into a fulfillment plan that specifies how to fulfill that products or services or orders, and all of this components are entities that you have to define in the Orchestration process and that entities or components are in the Environmet of the Design Studio, some of this components are: "Orchestation Sequence" , "Order Item Specification", "Product Class", "Fulfillment Mode" , "Orchestration Stages" , "Order Recognition Rules", "Process", "Descomposition Rules" , "Automated or manual Tasks", "Data Dictionary".

          For more information about Concepts read "Order and Service Management 7.0.2 Documentation" in this documentation you can find the next topics:

          Communications Order and Service Management Concepts:

          3 Order Request Processing

          About Receiving Orders
          Understanding Order Input and Request Processing
          Understanding Order Recognition
          Defining Recognition Rules in Design Studio
          Recognition Rule Errors
          Understanding Order Validation
          Understanding Order Transformation
          Understanding Order Creation

          4 Orchestration Orders

          Understanding Orchestration Plans
          Understanding Orchestration Models
          Understanding Decomposition Rules
          Understanding Fulfillment Modes
          Understanding Orchestration Stages, Sequences, and Processes
          Modeling Orchestration Stages in Design Studio
          Modeling Orchestration Sequences in Design Studio
          Viewing Decomposition and Dependencies Graphically
          About Creating a Cartridge for Orchestration Orders
          Understanding Order Items and Order Components
          Understanding Order Component Control Data
          About Modeling Order Items in Design Studio
          About Modeling Order Components in Design Studio
          Understanding Dependencies
          About Compensating Dependencies in Orchestration Plans
          About Modeling Dependencies in Design Studio
          Understanding Product Specifications
          About Importing Product Classes in Design Studio
          About Creating Product Specifications in Design Studio
          About Defining Order Components in Product Specifications

          You can fin this documentation at: https://edelivery.oracle.com


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            Hi! I have a question: can I use recognition rules for service order management (for not orchestration orders)?
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              Lucas Andres Muñoz
              Hello, Yes you can do it for recognition and transformation of the incoming orders.


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                Hi Lucas,

                The reply you gave was really helpful. I am studying OSM too. I actually took an OSM training just recently. However, the training used OSM6.3 and we need to learn about OSM 7. Apparently, the 2 are worlds apart and I really need to have more resources to help me learn.

                I am really glad that you are very generous in extending help Lucas. I will try to look for the documentation link you gave.


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                  Just to expand a little bit on the the COM/SOM communication.

                  COM uses an automation task as part of the Provisioning fulfillment function to generate a ProcessProvisioningOrderEBM message to SOM.
                  (see ProvisioningOrderSubProcess.ProvisionOrderSITask in CommunicationSalesOrderFulfillmentPIP cartridge )

                  SOM recognition rule captures the request from COM and apply SOM processing.
                  SOM responds back to COM several times to update status including a final complete message (See ProvisioningCommunicationsServiceSubProcess.CommunicationsServicesProvisioningOrderUpdateSITask )

                  Note that SOM creates demo (3rd level ) service fulfillment orders (for Broadband and/or VoIP ) with CreateCommunicationsServiceProvisioningOrderSITask in a similar fashion. ProcessProvisioningOrderEBM is reused but with a minor difference so that Broadband or Voip cartridge recognizes their own service orders comming from SOM.

                  So this is the high level data flow:
                  CRM --> COM --> SOM --> BDB/VoIP
                  CRM <-- COM <-- SOM <-- BDB/VoIP

                  please refer to the "Application Integration Architecture Order-to-Activate Cartridge Guide" for additional information on O2A Cartridges.

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                    Hi Carlos,

                    Thanks for the reply. I read it just in time when our team is having problems with the completion of the ProvisionOrderSubprocess (ProvisionOrderSIResponseTask). It's taking too long for this task to complete. Actually, until now, we are yet to see a single order getting completed at this task.

                    We didn't modify anything in the O2A cartridges and we submitted orders through Siebel CRM. We also deployed COM and SOM in the same non-cluster instance of OSM.

                    What I understand based from your reply is that there is something we were not able to configure in OSM because SOM doesn't capture the request from COM?
                    Is there something we should do to "connect" COM and SOM?

                    Thanks Carlos!



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                      I suppose this issue has been fixed long time ago.

                      Anyways when ProvisionOrderSIResponseTask is waiting for responses you need to check weather SOM got the request from COM or weather the response from SOM is not reaching COM.

                      Verify SOM order was created. Use OSM osmwebui or oms (worklist) UIs to search for SOM related order(s) // they all should match the same Siebel Order Number
                      If so, check the SOM order to see if the UpdateResponse task has been executed.

                      If there is no SOM order in SOM associated to COM order , or the SOM update task is completed, then the issue is just the integration between COM/SOM via AIA.

                      Check if
                      osm queues are properly defined,
                      and distributed to AIA (bridges )
                      check AIA queues,
                      check AIA process flows/routing for both: COM --> SOM and SOM --> COM