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    Literature for Oracle Mobile Database needed

      I am just looking at the performance of the synchronization of "Oracle Database Mobile Server" for my bachelor's thesis.
      But now I need a little more general literature on the "Oracle Database Mobile Server." Has anyone possibly an advice for me? I can not find anything reliable besides the official Oracle documentation.

      Any reference is welcome.
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          My blog has some topics about performance, not sure if it specific to your thesis though as the performance topics are very specific. In general, two factors go into the performance of the mobile server... factor 1, the hardware, both database and application server. More on the database side than any thing else. 2nd factor, SQL and Database design. So, for performance tuning, I usually recommend reading or oracle SQL database tuning as it usually resolves most issues. But there isn't a paper or topic on mobile server tuning that would be enough to cover an entire thesis. I could be wrong though.