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    Collapse/Expand Shortcut-Keys

      Hi all,

      Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.04
      Version 3.0.04
      Build MAIN-04.34
      IDE Version:
      Product Version:
      Java(TM) Platform     1.6.0_11
      Oracle IDE
      Versioning Support

      I'm not able to collapse/expand functions/procedures with a selfdefined shortcut-key.
      In Tools/Preferences/Shortcut-Keys you can define keys for "Collapse All", "Collapse Doc"
      and "Collapse Methods", but none of them do anything (because it's Java-related ?).
      Or do i miss something?

      Collapse/Expand is a nice feature to "hide" code-fragments, but to move the mouse everytime
      to klick on the minus/plus-sign instead of quickly push a key-combination is...hm...not what i want :-)
      Will this be changed in 3.1?

      Thank you
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Markus,

          Looks as though the Collapse/Expand shortcuts do not work in 3.1. I tried to define and use them on the worksheet, code editor, autotrace panel, and so on. They don't work in 2.0 either, where they were first introduced during a rewrite from the 1.5.x versions.

          Problem is, they might work somewhere in the product, but I have no idea where that might be. Perhaps someone else can comment. I do not see any bugs logged in this area, another clue this is not a regression in prior behavior.

          If no one else comments and provides a lead, probably the best course of action is adding this as Feature Request on the SQL Developer Exchange.

          SQL Developer Team