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    Deploying JavaFX 1.3.1 runtime on a secure internal network?

      The company I work for has a JavaFX 1.3.1 Web Start app that is used by DoD customers. At least one of them will be using a secure internal network, and so will not be able to access http://dl.javafx.com, where the JavaFX runtime is normally downloaded and installed from the first time you launch a Web Start app. In order to get it to work for them, we want to set it up so the runtime can be downloaded and installed from a server inside the secure network. I think I understand broadly how it works, but I was wondering if anybody could give me some directions on what precisely I need to do, and where I could get the necessary files to do it.

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          You need the directories bin, lib, profiles and runtime. The lib needs the subdirectories desktop, mobile, prism, shared and tv. profiles just has one file in it. runtime has the subdirectory natives. You can run your program from a batch file that is in bin.

          The batch file I use looks like this:

          javafx -Xms1200m -Xmx1200m -jar ..\lib\MyApp.jar

          Perhaps you can get it leaner, but I've found this configuration to work.

          Unfortunately I can't help with the Webstart side of things.

          ~ Chris