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    How to model contracted maintenance in eAM

      Hello All,

      We have a scenario wherein client has outsourced much of the maintenance to third parties. So IT assets, major equipments and facilities are all managed by third party vendors or the original suppliers. When there is any requirement of maintenace, users raise service request and these contracted technician resolve the issue. So costs of these contracted employees is not captured in work order. These contractors are also paid on contract basis so spares usage is not tracked work order by work order. Instead contractors get monthly payments.

      Has anyone encountered such a scenario of contracted maintenance? Please share your experiences.

      Thanks is advance!
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          Kamal Shah
          Yes, This is a typical scenario you end up configuring at every alternate implementation of Oracle EAM.

          You would need full licensed products as below,

          1. Oracle WIP
          2. Oracle BOM
          3. Oracle Purchasing

          You will need to define OSP Resource within WIP Module.
          You can use Oracle Quality / Oracle Service to trigger Work Request/ Work Orders and process them through their life cycle.

          About payments, if they are paid monthly with no co-relation to amount of work they bill on Work Orders, you can use standard ORacle Payroll/ HRMS Module to cater to that requirement.

          Hope this answer helps.

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            Thanks Kamal!

            I would like to know how would we process the full lifecycle of the work order when the resources are not ours. I mean it is not a job work that the asset goes out and comes back reworked. It is a scenario wherein maintenance is executed by outside agencies who get paid for their services. So as such work execution is carried out by external agencies.

            Please let me know if I have been able to explain the scenario to you. I will give further details if required.

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              Kamal Shah

              Essentially you are meaning contracting services, I assume so. N contractors are paid for their work based on agreed contract (if it is Outsourced).
              For this to happen, you have to integrate Oracle Purchasing with eAM.

              Your work order life cycle will have "Outside Service Processing" addition.

              OSP provides the functionality to create items that are contractor services, such as landscaping, include these items on a Work Order, and execute the
              related purchasing transactions as the Work Order is released.

              By creating a contract service as an OSP item, the PR is created when the WO is Released.

              PO Life cycle is governed by Purchasing module (all way until payment of Invoices)

              eAM ensures that the actual charges are applied to the Work Order.
              The supplier can access PO and maintenance WO via iSupplier Portal. (If implemented)
              You can use Oracle Quality to control various steps like inspections/ email alerts/ notification etc.

              The other option is to enable Standard Rate. This applies predetermined standard rates, for contractor services, to the Work Order.

              Hope above explanation does make some sense.

              Feel free to shoot more questions if you have !