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    Beehive enhancement of the day: "call for papers"

      Dear beehve admins,

      MOS users subscribed to recieve updates to Beehive bugs and enhancement requests may have noticed a plethora of enhancement rejections through beehive product management during last weeks.

      Seems as if Oracle has decided to substantially wind down Beehive development efforts.

      As productive users of Oracle Beehive collaboration server we still are convinced that this is a reliable server on based on a sound architecture and should see further enhancements and new feature versions.

      So let's go forward and collect the key enhancements that users of Beehive miss most and lets get back to Oracle through support and urge them to rethink the "suggestion rejected" messages.

      I will post our most pressing missing features in the next days, and you are invited to join in, seconding the enhancement requests through MOS and/or posting your own desiderata.

      Thanks in advance for your contributing,