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    $0 invoice for SO

      hi All,

      I have an issue with $0 invoice, We have created $0 Sales order which is not picked by Autoinvoice concurrent program by automatically. For these we need to run manually. Please advise me know the reason why it is not picking.

      Instance is : 11.5.9

      Have a great day.
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          Whenever the autoinvoice concurrent programs it check for the amount to be invoice is >0 or not in the so_lines_all. If the condition fails then the the concurrent prograam wont pick up the order_header_id of that S0 which is $0 invoice.But i am not sure.

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            Hi Thanks for replay,

            We are passing the parameters as
            Number of instances = 1
            Invoice Source = Order Entry
            Default Date = Current date
            Base due date on Trx date = Yes

            We are not mentioned the condition at any ware. Please let me know where we have to check for the conditions.