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    Groups, Roles or Territories needed for seperating user base in 11i?

      eBus on DB

      Preface: I am very new to modifying the user side of the system, I perform mostly backend things so please bear with me. :)

      Our current setup is a call center that answers questions, logs a SR in Contact Center and closes the SR for tracking purposes.

      Recently they want to move different departments into using the system to track their requests using this system as well.

      The desire is that the departments are divided so that the call center can see all requests, but when department A logs in, they only see department A requests and they also want certain data fields hidden (custom layout) on the contact center form.

      Our current setup all users are under the Role 'Callcenter' and Group 'Support Group'

      Is what I describe possible and if so which one of the formentioned would I use to acomplish the seperation of items/views in Contact Center and Work Queue?

      Thanks in advance