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    New in PS 9.1

      What are the new features in PS9.1 from PS8.8
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          Depends of the application you are looking for. The best way is probably to connect onto My Oracle Support and read the note *PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview Tool Homepage [ID 1117033.1]*+ where you can choose the application and version you are interested of.

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            In order to answer that question you have to compare the release notes of your base and proposed applications. ie you would have to compare the release notes of 8.8 ,9.0 and 9.1

            9.0 relelase note will have features added/modified in 9.0
            9.1 release notes will have features added/modified in 9.1( it wont have any details of 9.0)

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              I am unable to find any Release Notes for 8.8 and 9.1 on the PS website. How do I get to them and do I have to have some special credential to acess them? I am looking to do a side by side comparison of what's new and different between 8.8 and 9.1 for standard HR, Benefits, and Payroll.

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                Don't see why you have problems with finding it. You won't be able to get a side by side comparison overview about changes from one random version to another. Usually the release notes are based on the previous release to explain the new features. Here for example are the HCM 9.0 release notes:


                You'll have to search for the specific types of 9.0 (Payrolls; FSCM; HCM etc.). There aren't any global 9.0 release notes which apply to all versions.
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                  Is is possible for me to get a CFO tool for 9.2 FSCM, HRMS and/or CRM? I am an independent consultant and this tool for the other versions is very valuable. I would appreciate it if you could either send it to me a charles.cohorst@consultant.com or provide a link where I could possible download it....

                  CJ Cohorst