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    Developing JMX Fetchlet to retrieve TabularData

      I am currently developing a custom plug-in on OEM 12c that would allow me to collect metrics from a MXBean I have deployed in a Java Container. The JMX fetchlet is calling an operation on my MXBean. The operation returns a javax.management.openmbean.TabularData object. Everything seems to be working as in I get no complaints from either the Management Agent or Management Service but when reviewing the Agent logs I see that no rows : {} are returned during the collection. My questions are:

      1. Does OEM support TabularData, javax.management.openmbean.TabularData?
      2. If OEM does not support javax.management.openmbean.TabularData what TabularData does it support?

      I have included snippets of my target type and default collections file pertaining to this operation.

      Target Type
      <Metric NAME="TShirts" TYPE="TABLE">
      <Label NLSID="tshirts_displayname">Test TShirts</Label>
      <ColumnDescriptor NAME="model" TYPE="STRING" IS_KEY="TRUE">
      <Label NLSID="display_model">Model</Label>
      <ColumnDescriptor NAME="color" TYPE="STRING" IS_KEY="TRUE">
      <Label NLSID="display_color">Color</Label>
      <ColumnDescriptor NAME="size" TYPE="STRING" IS_KEY="TRUE">
      <Label NLSID="display_size">Size</Label>
      <ColumnDescriptor NAME="price" TYPE="NUMBER" IS_KEY="FALSE">
      <Label NLSID="display_price">Price</Label>
      <QueryDescriptor FETCHLET_ID="JMX">
      <Property NAME="jmx_hostName" SCOPE="INSTANCE" OPTIONAL="FALSE">JMX_HOSTNAME</Property>
      <Property NAME="serviceURL" SCOPE="GLOBAL">service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://%jmx_hostName%:1099/karaf-root</Property>
      <Property NAME="UserName">smx</Property>
      <Property NAME="password">smx</Property>
      <Property NAME="metric">harris.net:type=Proxy</Property>
      <Property NAME="operation">listTShirts</Property>
      <Property NAME="columnOrder">model;color;size;price</Property>

      Default Collections
      <CollectionItem NAME="TShirts" UPLOAD="6">
      <IntervalSchedule INTERVAL="5" TIME_UNIT="Min"/>
      <MetricColl NAME="Model"/>
      <MetricColl NAME="Color"/>
      <MetricColl NAME="Size"/>
      <MetricColl NAME="Price"/>

      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.