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    Setting the Closed Date for a Closed SR using Create_ServiceRequest

      We are using the CS_ServiceRequest_PUB.Create_ServiceRequest API to create SRs for Data Migration which works fine. The Request Date is set to a migrated date from 1997 - today.

      Then we want to Close the SR and set the Closed Date to the migrated closed date from the legacy system, so we pass the Closed_Date value to the CS_ServiceRequest_PUB Update_ServiceRequest API.

      Unfortunately the CLOSE_DATE in CS_INCIDENTS_ALL_VL is set to the sysdate. The status that is being set is "Paid", which as been set up as a 'Final' status so we expect the date to be set in the past.

      An example is:

      REQUEST_DATE = 09-NOV-99 17.58.09
      CLOSED_DATE = 19-NOV-99 13.42.52

      Oracle after Update API
      REQUEST_DATE = 09-NOV-99 17.58.09
      CLOSED_DATE = 16-NOV-11 16.54.23

      Does anyone have any ideas what influences us being able to set the Closed_Date on an SR other than sysdate?