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    UPK library location

      Hello All,

      I have installed UPK 11, and it was installed using the default options that were given.

      Now, want to know where is the default library of the UPK. How can we change the library location
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          You don't mention whether it is a Single User install, or whether it is a Multi-User install.

          For a Single User install, the library will be defined locally on the machine - to see where the local files are stored, edit the profile that you are currently logged in with. You may need to first "exit" the profile you are using, and then choose "edit". This will bring up the profile wizard, and you will be able to alter or view the current local library location.

          For a Multi User install, the library location is defined by the Developer Server's Virtual Drive. Again, you will need to edit the appropriate profile, and then you will be able to see what has been defined as the library location in the Profile Wizard.

          1. To access the Profile Wizard, click on Tools --> Profiles...
          2. Exit or Edit the appropriate profile.

          I hope that helps :)