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    T5120 and other SPARC64 machines: Some questions

      Hello together!

      We have some Sun T5120 SPARC64 servers and try to get Linux working on them but we have problems with our ConnectX Infiniband adapters:

      So If someone of you have a SPARC64 machine with any Infiniband adapter and can use it with Linux please give me the
      - distribution name and version
      - kernel version
      - OFED software stack version
      Or do you know another place where I could ask?

      The next question I have:
      Is it right that I can get the firmware for these machines (e.g. for ILOM or the Infiniband adapters) only from the Oracle Support and only when I have a Support Identifier?
      We are a Chair at an University. We got the servers from our datacentre because they don't need them anymore and we can use them for our research. So we don't have any contract with Oracle.

      I mean:
      If you need the FW for devices of other companies you can download them on their websites without problems. For example you can download the FW for Infiniband adapters of IBM, HP, DELL and all other manufacturers without giving the mail address at the bottom of this page:

      But for Oracle you need a contract?