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    OPM 10.3: Text Attributes Interpreted as Literal Strings in Excel

    Patrick Devine
      Hi everyone,

      We've begun the upgrade to OPM and Connector 10.3 and are finding that the conversion is creating an issue with some Excel rule tables. Text attribute names placed in conclusion cells seem to be getting interpreted as literal strings. As a result we are getting outputs equal to "the benefit frequency" rather than "Monthly". It would be great to know if this was an intended change to functionality, and if there is a suggested conversion approach or workaround.

      [Edit:  We're unsure whether it's related to the following known issue on page 18 of the release notes.  Does the word "function" apply in this context?

      Functions are not
      supported when
      concluding text
      attributes in Excel rule

      Entering a function in a cell as a conclusion may be incorrectly parsed as a
      string value if the concluded attribute type is text.]

      Thanks very much,
      - Patrick

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          This was related to the resolved issue OPAD-3446 "Excel reports invalid expression when assigning certain text values to a text attribute" (page 15 of the release notes).

          When assigning a value to a text attribute in Excel, "the benefit frequency" could be either literal text or the attribute value. It is usually obvious when writing the rule if it is literal text, but at some point in the future an attribute may be defined that matches this literal text, which mean it may suddenly becomes an error. The solution to this is to always treat a value being assigned to a text attribute as literal text unless it is enclosed in parenthesis. So "the benefit frequency" needs to be changed to "(the benefit frequency)" if it is meant to evaluate to the value of the benefit frequency.

          This is mentioned in the documentation under the heading "Functions in Excel" in the topic "Upgrade a project" - this might be a little misleading since it applies to any expression where the text isn't treated as literal text.