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    Beehive enhancement of the day: implement new expiry feature

      in MOS Note 1307999.1 we learn that a missing mail expiry feature is a known limitation of the 2.0.x stack of Beehive.

      The near-to-release version 2.1 should introduce a new feature which offers the possibility to define expiration rules for mails and folders, controlled by beectl command add_expiration_rule.

      We would be glad to see this new feature, as the auto archiving features on the OBEO site are quite dangerous if not properly configured, and do not apply to zimbra or thunderbird users.

      If you also feel that this new feature should go as a backport into 2.0.1.x or if you think Oracle should rethink its plans not to release Beehive 2.1 please report this through Oracle support.

      Thanks, Tom