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    check new nodes


      This was my exam question last week, not sure about the answer.
      Appreciate your help.

      The cluster origanally consisted of four nodes: RACNODE1, RACNODE2, RACNODE3 and RACNODE3.
      Now two nodes called RACNODE5 and RACNODE6 have been installed and connected to the cluster.
      Which three should be performed to check whether the new nodes are ready for running addNode.sh and to help correct problems ?
      a-)cluft stage -pre crsinst -n RACNODE5/RACNODE6 -C +DATA -q +VOTE -orainv
      b-)<oinstall group> -fixup -verbose
      c-)clufy stage -post hwos -n RACNODE5,RACNODE6 -verbose
      d-)clufy comp peer -refnode RACNODEI -n RACNODE6,RACNODE6 -orainv <oinstall group> -osdba <asmdba group> -verbose
      e-)clufy stage -post hwos -n all -verbose
      f-)clufy stage -pre nodeadd -n RACNODES5,RACNODE6 -fixup
      g-)clufy comp peer -refnode RACNODE5 -n RACNODE6 -orainv <oinstall group> -osdba <asmdba group> -verbose
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          Here is my take:

          a-)Bad Syntax
          b-)Meaning less
          d-)Existing nodes does not include RACNODEI
          g-)RACNODE5 is not a meaningful refnode

          c-)clufy stage -post hwos -n RACNODE5,RACNODE6 -verbose
          e-)clufy stage -post hwos -n all -verbose
          f-)clufy stage -pre nodeadd -n RACNODES5,RACNODE6 -fixup

          I am curious what test did you take and how were you able to copy the questions with you?

          I hope you passed.

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            Hi orafun,

            One last question:
            You have a four node cluster with four node VIPS and three scan VIPS already in use after Grid infrastructure installation
            You plan to manage a customer-developed, web based application with the Oracle Grid Infrastructure to provide high availability.
            Which two statements are true about the vip application resource that must be created ?
            a-)The vip application must be active on the same subnet and ethernet adaptor as the interconnect
            b-)The vip application must be active on the same subnet and ethernet adaptor as the public ip address
            c-)The vip application must not be online on the same node as any of the scan vips.
            d-)The vip application must be active on a different node than the application depending on Che
            by using the dispersion start dependecy in the resource definition
            e-) The vip application must be enabled to run as the root user
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              Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

              while probably the answer is b.) and e.) they wanted to hear, you could however argue over a):

              a.) While normally it does not make sense to have a VIP on the interconnect, I had this cases when configuring exadata, where some applications wanted to explicitly connect over the fast infiniband network. But given this is a special use case and you probably do not have an application running on this VIP as well, it normally does not apply.