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    Mobile Server 11g Install Issue

      I am trying to install the 11g Mobile Server on Linux (v5 64 bit) and it gives an error saying "Error during pre-requisite calculation". I don't see any information where it indicates what prerequisite check is failing though. This server has an operating Oracle 11g db on it and I was using the same oracle_home. I also installed glassfish as it appeared that the new mobile server will need that (and that is up and running fine using port 8070 for http). As far as I can tell from the install docs, this setup should meet all the prerequisites.

      Does anyone know where I can find which one it thinks is missing or if there might be some other common things that might not be so obvious from the install document that I should check?

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          Sounds like an OUI issue. What flavor of linux are you putting this on?
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            This is a test server with CentOS 5.4 (2.6.18-164.el5). Is this something where it will only install under Oracle Enterprise Linux?
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              No, I don't believe so. The OUI checker might not have your version listed. It's an OUI issue. I can dig a little bit, but I would recommend looking up similar issues with other Oracle products on CentOS.
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                OK - so I finally got this set. I really think the Installation Guide is very poor as it relates to setting this up. First off, it had nothing to do with the OS, it was related the the install location and glassfish. Instead of installing into the normal oracle_home, the installation needs to go into the glassfish install location (in my case /opt/oracle/glassfish3/glassfish). When you select that location the installer warns you that this is a bad choice as it expects an empty directory. This warning seems particularly bad since by definition, if you need to select the glasfish install location, there are going to be other files and directories there.

                Then to run the repwizard, you need to have a MOBILE_HOME set, which, again I don't think is specified in the install guide. In fact, for the MDK it says that MOBILE_HOME should be $ORACLE_HOME/mobile/sdk, but if you set it to that then you can't run the repwizard. I needed to set that to the same install location (/opt/oracle/glassfish3/glassfish).

                Its not clear to me if there is some other way I should have been able to configure this, but I can't imagine how trying to follow the installation guide would ever result in a successful installation. The only line that even hints at this is: "2. On the Specify Home screen, enter the name and path where you want to install Oracle Database Mobile Server, which cannot include any spaces. You should install Oracle Database Mobile Server into a new or existing Oracle Home. When you use OracleAS, WebLogic, or Glassfish as your middle-tier, install Oracle Database Mobile Server into the same Oracle Home where the application server is installed."