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    are the updates in branches visible in other parts of a global transaction


      We have a business service inside an EJB (using CMT) which deals with Tuxedo and jdbc using XA in both places. Below is how it is supposed work
      1. A call to a tuxedo service is made
      2. Upon success, we want to read that updated data using JDBC and write to another table. The second steps has to happen to before the transaction is commited, but will be done only after the success of step 1.

      What we find is that - in steps 2 we can't see the update data from step 1.
      If I do step 1 and 2 in reverse - i.e do an update using jdbc and read the updated data in tux, I can read it without any issues.
      Also, if I call two tux services - one to update and one to query within the same transaction. No issues here too...i.e the second service can read the updates done by first service.

      On enabling the logs ...it looks like the jdbc part is creating its own transaction. We can see in oracle database level..that two global trxn ids are seen. Any ideas on this behavior and what I might be doing wrong ?