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    Unable to use Studio 12 update 2 dbx

      What is wrong with my dbx. I get this Segfault every time I try to use it. Please suggest.
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > cat test.c
      #include <stdio.h>
      int main()
      printf("Hello World!\n");
      return 0;
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > /opt/SunProd/studio12u2/solstudio12u2/bin/cc -m64 test.c
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > file a.out
      a.out: ELF 64-bit MSB executable, SPARC V9, version 1, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > /opt/SunProd/studio12u2/solstudio12u2/bin/dbx a.out
      Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > echo $?
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > /opt/SunProd/studio12u2/solstudio12u2/bin/dbx -V
      Sun DBX Debugger 7.8 SunOS_sparc 2010/10/27
      Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
      vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work >
      Nothing works except dbx help which produces the options that I can provide. Please help. Ditto with 32-bit sparc v8 applications
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          Please provide the following information to help identify the problem:

          1) os version (uname -a or cat /etc/release)
          2) stack trace of <core> (e.g. pstack core | c++filt)
          3) is LD_PRELOAD or LD_AUDIT env variable set? what is the output of 'ldd a.out"

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            vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > uname -a
            SunOS dnagac08-3 5.10 Generic_142900-06 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5240
            vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > pstack core | c++filt
            core 'core' of 24724: /opt/SunProd/studio12u2/solstudio12u2/bin/sparcv9/dbx a.out
            00000001000ce7e8 __do_misaligned_ldst_instr (ffffffff7ffe3d70, ffffffff7ffe3e30, 3a2f7573722f6c6f, 7c2f, 9f7, 7c2f5) + 1c0
            00000001000cf938 __misalign_trap_handler (1006fade0, 2020363030000000, 1006fb7ac, 202036303000, ff0000, 8080808080808080) + 58
            000000010032067c ???????? (63616c2f7061636b, 1006fade0, 3a2f7573722f6c6f, 1008, 1006c0ea0, ffffffffffffffff)
            000000010031f100 ???????? (62696e2f73706172, 6376392f3a2f7573, 722f6c6f63616c2f, 62696e3a2f6f7074, 2f53756e50726f64, 2f73747564696f31)
            vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > env | egrep 'LD_PRELOAD|LD_AUDIT'
            vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work > ldd a.out
            libc.so.1 => /lib/64/libc.so.1
            libm.so.2 => /lib/64/libm.so.2
            vlakkund@dnagac08-3 /ade/b/1191846471/oracle/work >