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    Beehive enhancement of the day: auto-display subfolders in delegator's ws

      A very very nice feature of beehive is delegation. A user can delegate its mail, calendar, tasks and contacts to another user. Typically this is used in a secretary / superior constellation.

      We use this feature also to implement reliable mail contacts: external senders will primarily directed to pseudo accounts, and "real" mail users receive delegation rights to act on behalf of these addresses.

      This has the advantage that of trans-personal, reliable contacts that need not be changed when users change.

      A rough edge of this solution is that delegated mail folder tree structures are not automatically updated with the workspace linked in to the own personal OBEO profile: you are used to see OBEO detect the folder structure of your personal workspace (and reflects changes done by alternative clients like Zimbra), and you are used to see subfolder changes in team workspaces recognized by OBEO, too. Not so for delegated workspaces.

      This forces the delegation recipient to subscribe to each folder change done by the delegator or another delegation recipient.

      Here is an appropriate enhancement request for this:


      This feature has been rejected on the grounds of performance and server scalability, but why then treat team workspaces differently?

      Please second this ER through MOS if you agree that delegated folders structure should be updated automatically.

      Thanks, Tom

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