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    Data gaurd and encryption

      I have data guard setup after following document in http://arjudba.blogspot.com/2010/10/step-by-step-create-oracle-11gr2.html
      Now I want to do transparent data encryption.
      What will happen existing data guard setup?
      Both physical and standby database are RAC database.
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          I have never done it but I don't see any conflict with Data Guard.

          I would backup the original wallet several times and keep a copy offsite.

          These are all worth a look :

          Using Transparent Data Encryption In An Oracle Dataguard Config in 10gR2 [ID 389958.1]

          Managing TDE wallets in a RAC environment [ID 567287.1]

          Known TDE Wallet Issues [ID 1301365.1]

          Opening the Wallet on One RAC Node Closes It on the Other Nodes [ID 1294017.1]

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