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    how to determine ApplicationVersion in the application itself

    Jan Vervecken

      The Oracle WebLogic Server MBean API has a ApplicationRuntimeMBean.getApplicationVersion() method documented
      at http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E21764_01/apirefs.1111/e13945/weblogic/management/runtime/ApplicationRuntimeMBean.html#getApplicationVersion%28%29

      But it is not clear how to get the ApplicationRuntimeMBean instance for the application itself.

      Using JDeveloper I have created an example application available
      at http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/2011/WeblogicApplicationVersionApp-v0.01.zip

      It allows to show some deployed versions information for the application (using different JMX MBeanServerConnections).
      For examples, when the application has been deployed two times (each with a different ApplicationVersion) it can show information like in the screenshot
      at http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/img/2011/WAVApp-two-versions.png

      - (q1) How can the ApplicationVersion be determined in the application itself?

      many thanks
      Jan Vervecken