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    ODP.Net 11g not in Data Source list in Server Explorer in VS

      I recently installed 64-bit ODAC Beta 3 which includes Oracle Data Provider for .NET 4 In Visual Studio 2010, I go to Server Explorer, right-click on Data Connections, and click Add Connection. In the list of Data Sources, I have:
      Microsoft Access Database File
      Microsoft ODBC Data Source
      Microsoft SQL Server
      Microsoft SQL Server Database File
      Oracle Database

      When I choose Oracle Database, there are two options in the Data provider dropdown: .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle and .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB.

      When I select either of these and click Continue, the next screen shows my Data Source as: Oracle Database (OracleClient). I believe what I am supposed to see is: Oracle Database Server (Oracle ODP.NET)

      I also have the 64-bit 11g Enterprise Edition of Oracle installed and I am able to successfully connect to the database I created by using SQL Plus.

      Can someone please tell me what I am missing?
      Thank you,