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    Client IP address logging in SGD

      I need to log in file all successful and failed login attempts into SGD in .
      log entry should contain IP address of the client-user being logged
      Now since the tomcat is behind the apache in the SGD configuration I cant retrieve the IP address with getRemoteAddr, getHEader("REMOTE_ADDR" ), getHeader("x-forwarded-for" );
      ( I'm not sure why is that cause mod_jk should forward all the data unchanged but for some reason it doesnt )

      I found out that I can retrieve client ip like this ttaSessionObject.getAttribute(IConstantsXML.NAME_CONNECTION_ATTRS, IAttributeNames.CONNECTION_CLIENTIP);
      but that only works if user has successfully logged in.

      If anyone knows how to get client ip before the authentication please help, thanks in advance.