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Problems with ePro Requisitions from Staples

edited Dec 12, 2013 2:20PM in Supply Chain Management - PSFT (MOSC) 1 commentAnswered
 We are having a problem with saving requisitions generated via ePro (Direct Connect/PunchOut) from ePro vendor Staples.  We are on PeopleSoft version 9.0 and have just migrated to Tools 3.53 from version 3.51.  The problem did not occur under Tools 3.51.

What is happening:  on the Staples web site, the shopping cart is populated using a Shopping List.  This is usually a user-defined feature on the web site, but in this case, Staples has compiled the list for us.

After the shopping cart is populated, ePro downloads the cart into a PeopleSoft requisition with no apparent problems.  But when the user tries to do anything with the requisition - - update the accounting or save it - - the process goes no further.  The wheels just spin until the system errors out and closes.

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