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How to obtain SessionID when working with web services in Actions

Toon van der Ploeg
Toon van der Ploeg Posts: 50
edited Jun 10, 2020 4:11PM in Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) (MOSC) 12 commentsAnswered

We have a requirement to enable users to send a specific agent from a dashboard with the click of a button.

The Agent will send a report to a group of users. We do not want the user to go inside the catalog and search the agent and select 'execute now'.

We are thinking of using the web service ExecuteiBotNow, but are running into issues.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create new action - call web service
  2. WSDL URL (http://host:port/analytics/saw.dll/wsdl/v6)
  3. Select executeIBotNow from the list of available web services 
  4. provide catalog path to agent
  5. provide sessionID ???

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