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Check out Oracle NetSuite upcoming events and conferences here
Cheers to 1️⃣0️⃣ years of #SuiteWorld! 🎉 We’re celebrating by extending the Super Saver Pass AND launching the digital On Air experience TODAY! Whether you join us in-person or digitally, we can’t wait to make even more memories with you.
Webinar | COSTING 101: Learning the Basics of Inventory Costing webinar was a success! Please take a minute to fill out this short survey. For those who missed it - Don't worry! Here's the link to the recorded session!
NetSuite Support Assistant: A quicker way to get answers to your basic NetSuite questions
The NetSuite Support Assistant is a convenient chatbot SuiteApp that provides quick responses to your basic questions directly from your NetSuite Account.
Click NetSuite Support Assistant Now Available for more details.
Release Preview 2021.2

If you would like to receive a 2021.2 Release Preview account, please opt -in to take advantage of the Release Preview access period to prepare and become familiar with the new NetSuite capabilities. For details, see Requesting a Release Preview Account.

If you receive a Release Preview account in 2021.2, you can access it several weeks before your production account is scheduled for an upgrade to the new release of NetSuite. Notifications with details about Release Preview availability are sent to the account administrators as described in Release Preview Notifications. Release Preview availability information is also posted on the New Release portlet.

Ask A Guru

We are excited to announce our new “Ask a Guru” Space in NS User Group Powered by NS Support! This space is monitored by a dedicated Support Team and is available to all NetSuite User Group members. Feel free to ask us how-to questions or start a discussion.

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1 Guru. 1 Product Area. 1 Hour. Ask A Guru Live!

NSC Webinars

NetSuite product training webinars hosted by our Support Gurus.

Release 2020.2

Ask us questions about the changes to NetSuite between NetSuite 2020.2 and the previous release. The 2020.2 enhancements and changes described are not available to NetSuite customers until they are upgraded to 2020.2. Please check the version number at the bottom of your Home page if you are unsure which NetSuite version you are using.

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