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Group Invoicing - Statement Issues

PaulFleetwood Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 541 Blue Ribbon

If anyone else is hoping to make use of Group Invoices, you should be aware there is a significant defect with displaying these on Statements.

Essentially, the Group Invoice (and the sub invoices) will display on the Statement (using the default system template), and the amount of the invoice group is displayed. BUT the running total on the right hand side will not show include the Group Invoice unless you untick the 'show only open transactions' option before generating the statement

I have this logged with support Case # 3967537 Update: "Invoice Group value is not included in Line Balance on Statement" and they have raised a Defect for this under: Defect 604102: Release Preview: Invoice Group value is not included in Line Balance on Statement

If you are hoping to use Group Invoices, please can you upvote this Defect as it is currently on U5 and so is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.....


  • Mikko De La Fuente-Oracle
    Mikko De La Fuente-Oracle forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 1,139 Silver Trophy
    edited Oct 9, 2020 1:45PM

    Hi @PaulFleetwood ,

    Thank you for providing this information. It will help other members as well and to increase the U level of the defect mentioned above.


  • User_FZNHI
    User_FZNHI Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 112 Red Ribbon

    Tried to find this to vote... But no luck.

  • Ivy Lopez-Oracle
    Ivy Lopez-Oracle Member, forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 780 Bronze Crown

    Hi @User_FZNHI,

    Upon checking, the fix for Defect # 604102 has already been released last November 2020.

    If you are encountering similar behavior, it would be best to file a support case for further investigation.

    Also, you can only upvote Enhancements on the SuiteIdeas page. For Defects, a support case should be created and attached to the Defect.

    Hope this clarifies your concern! 😊


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