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Update Purchase Price checkbox on POs

Sonics Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 55 Red Ribbon

Hello, we were wondering if someone could help us design a workflow that will have a checkbox on the Purchase Order line items (column) that when checked and saved will automatically update that items purchase price. Basically now we have to open up the item click edit and then update it manually, whereas the workflow will allow us to update many items right when the PO is entered. It only needs to run once saved.


  • Joy Noreen Magoling-Oracle
    Joy Noreen Magoling-Oracle Member, forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 479 Bronze Trophy

    Hello @Sonics,

    Thank you for being with is today!

    Kindly allow our gurus some time to check your concern. I am tagging @Jack Daryl Espiel-Oracle and @Joahnna Given Uy-Oracle who may be able to help you on this one. Guys, need your expertise here!

    To other members, feel free to join this thread. Any help/idea you can share will surely be highly appreciated!



  • Joahnna Given Uy-Oracle
    Joahnna Given Uy-Oracle Member, forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 135 Silver Badge

    Hi @Sonics ,

    Good day.

    I would like to confirm your request regarding the workflow.

    According to my understanding, what you want to do is to create a workflow that will update the price of the Item upon saving the Purchase Order if the checkbox (custom field) is checked.

    To understand it more clearly, would it be possible to give an example and/or also a screenshot? Please remove any confidential information on the screenshots you'll attach.

    Feel free to send additional information that you think might help us with the request.

    Thank you,


  • Sonics
    Sonics Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 55 Red Ribbon
    edited Sep 13, 2021 8:37PM

    Hello Joahnna, that is correct. Our purchasing team would like the ability to click a check box (I attached a photo of where we will put the custom check box) that will then go to the item record and update it's Purchase Price with the Rate Price off the PO. The items can be any type (assembly, inventory, non-inventory). This will allow us to easily update the purchase price directly from POs.

  • Joahnna Given Uy-Oracle
    Joahnna Given Uy-Oracle Member, forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 135 Silver Badge

    Hi @Sonics ,

    Hope you are having a good day!

    It seems that this is a system limitation. Upon further checking, it is determined that this may be possible via Scripts.

    Please take note that we can only advise whether a scripting or workflow solution is possible.

    You may discuss your technical requirements with your own in-house developers or with our Professional Services Team through your Account Manager.

    Thank you,



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