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Returned Vendor Prepayment Handling

Tafara Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 132 Silver Badge
edited Sep 16, 2021 3:04AM in Ask A Guru

My colleague made a vendor bill payment. the vendor then took took the bill amount via Direct Debit (DD) but bill was already paid.

To rectify my colleague created a vendor prepayment to reflect the DD. Once the vendor paid back the DD, my colleague created a Deposit.

I have two questions from this:

  1. Considering the vendor prepayment limitations, was this the best way to handle the DD in this scenario?
  2. How can I clear the vendor prepayment so it doesn't end up being used against a future vendor bill?


  • Emilia Ironov-Oracle
    Emilia Ironov-Oracle Member, forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 703 Gold Trophy

    Hi Tafara, 

    Thank you for creating this thread!  

    I'm tagging my colleagues @Dominica Sevilla-Oracle and @Shamaine Chan-Oracle who have the expertise on this matter so we can collaborate on how we can help you out.  

    To other users who may have insights with regard to this topic, feel free to add your comments by replying to this thread.  

    Kind regards,

    Emilia Ironov - Oracle | Ask a Guru

  • Shamaine Chan-Oracle
    Shamaine Chan-Oracle forum_netsuite_mod, ORACLE_EMPLOYEE Posts: 1,262 Gold Trophy

    Hi Tafara,

    As per checking, there is no Credit/Clear button in the Vendor Prepayment record. It appears the only way to clear the record is to delete it. 

    I found SuiteAnswers Id: 87405 - Editing or Deleting Vendor Prepayment Transactions which shows the step by step process.

    1. Transactions > Enter Vendor Prepayment > List
    2. For the transaction you want to delete, click Edit.
    3. On the transaction detail, point to Actions and then select Delete.
    4. Click OK to confirm your action.

    When you delete a vendor prepayment, NetSuite does the following:

    • Removes the transaction from the list of vendor prepayments.
    • Restores the account balance in the vendor prepayment account.
    • Removes the transaction from the Recent Records sub-tab.
    • Registers the delete action in the Audit Trail.

    Kindly review on your end and note that the Vendor Prepayment can be applied to any Bills as long as it's from the same vendor.

    Any other users who can share their insights? Feel free to add your comments! Thank you. 😊

    Kindly mark "Yes" if you find the reply to your question as helpful. This will aid the community to find the solution/answer much easier. Let's always mark a reply and help the community! ☺️

    Shamaine Chan-Oracle | Ask a Guru

  • Tafara
    Tafara Member, forum_userscommunity_users Posts: 132 Silver Badge

    Hi @Shamaine Chan-Oracle

    Thank you for that. What do you think about my first query:

    1. Considering the vendor prepayment limitations, was this the best way to handle the DD in this scenario?