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  • Hello @emcee_uk , upon checking with our engineering team it looks like there is some limit for exported file. It is not directly based on number of rows nor columns but rather on size of the output csv file. So the only workaround I can suggest is to export datasets in batches and then put csv files together locally.…
  • Hello @emcee_uk , I was able to export dataset with 27 columns and more than 1M rows just now, so the limit mentioned above in the Enhancement probably does not apply here. Anyway, it is clear that there is a lack of indication in the system that the export is ongoing. For me it took couple of minutes before the file was…
  • Hello @srussell , The behavior you expect is unfortunately not supported at the moment. The formula you came up with is basically the best solution you can have for your case here. Also, I have to admit that there is not a good example of using BOOLEAN formulas in our documentation so I will make sure this is addressed.…
  • Also, let me summarize here some formulas for YoY comparison you might find useful: This Quarter CASE WHEN TO_CHAR({trandate},'Q') = TO_CHAR(CURRENT_DATE,'Q') AND EXTRACT(YEAR FROM {trandate}) = EXTRACT(YEAR FROM CURRENT_DATE) THEN TO_NUMBER({foreigntotal}) END This Quarter Last Year to Date CASE WHEN…
  • Hello Christine, thank you for your comment, adding here fixed Last QuarterTo Date filter: CASE WHEN TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR({trandate},'Q'))-1 > 0 AND TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR({trandate},'Q'))-1 = TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(CURRENT_DATE,'Q'))-1 AND EXTRACT(YEAR FROM {trandate}) = EXTRACT(YEAR FROM CURRENT_DATE) THEN TO_NUMBER({foreigntotal})…