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Adam Wickes
Hi all, I'm currently undertaking a large effort of work to move our existing users (2000+) from 11g to 12c. As part of this move, I am looking to apply DR. Unfortunately, I came in halfway… (Show more)
Javier Porrata
This is for a previous discussion. Sorry I re - post this but I marked as answered the other discussion. Javier Porrata wrote: How can I hide a region but being able to reference it? I have a… (Show more)
Hello,   I hope I'm in the right place. I'm a beginner, but with an ambition to learn   First, does my company need to pay something for Oracle, if we want to use their API?   The big question:… (Show more)
After upgrate to 11.4.12, our x86  servers kept rebooting with error: xc_serv( ) timeout on master CPU 3.  1 slave CPU(s) not responding to the xcall.   Is there patch for this?
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Hi,   I have a very strange problem - Apex 19.2: create master-detail page by wizard. When insert one row into master (without save), and add one or more records into detail region after press Save… (Show more)
We have applied security patches and experienced the problem documented in  Doc ID 2593523.1    1.We found that you are prompted to login but the link does not work, unless the original session… (Show more)
Thomas Zink
If IE 11 goes away we lose access to a Hyperion 9.3.3 SQR Production reporting system.  The newer version Hyperion 11.1.x also says it is not compatible with Chrome. Does anyone have a strategy to… (Show more)
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