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Hi,        I’m working on personalization of Assignment form in Fixed asset manager. Our Business need is to made Cost Center (Segment3) “ABC” when Branch (Segment2) is “XYZ” mandatory. Anybody… (Show more)
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Hi Team,   I try to configure SSO to OBIEE 12c using Apereo CAS. I add to web.xml in analytics.war/analytics.ear filters which after open OBIEE url redirect to CAS server, which authenticate users… (Show more)
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hi,   Please help to frame a sql query for the below requirement.   Same acc_no and same pid having different country_code   Desired Result:-    pid cid country_code acc_no 124325 1564889 IN… (Show more)
Hi,   We have Oracle 12.2 Source and Downstream DB .. and as per the Oracle Doc ID Golden Gate Configuration, How To Delete Archive Logs From Downstream Database (Doc ID 2011174.1) from DB version… (Show more)
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Hello folks,   I'am pretty new to Oracle/Eloqua insights and I have a question about forming formulas in BI Insights.   What i'am trying to do is replace null and blank values with custom one.  … (Show more)
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Mihaly Demeczky-Oracle
Hi All, I have two  OL7.6  VM as a k8s cluster on devops.   KUBELET: Kubernetes v1.12.7+1.1.2.el7 HELM: Client: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.14.2" Server: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.14.2"   I… (Show more)
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EBS 12.2.8 12c OL7   Hi ALL,   I started our ebs 12.2.8  instance  dbTier and it was successful. But when I started the AppsTier, I got error below:   07/16/19-11:12:14 :: version… (Show more)
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