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Hi,     Using tutorial to look to build a .net core crud usinfg oracle   Have followed the steps at and wokr… (Show more)
Dear Experts,   Oracle says to parse once execute many.Can this be achieved using session_cached_cursors?   Thank you
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Nguyen Thanh Tung
Hi all,   I have a table with an horizontal scroll and a link at last column. When I select a row in this table, horizontal scroll will auto navigate to the right. I found the problem come from the… (Show more)
in JDeveloper and ADF
CODE OF HOW TO PUT any exported file from prod server to LANDING SERVER(Linux)   i need to migrate some artifacts from prod to QA so stuck with the step where i am calling psftp.exe file and then… (Show more)
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Workflows and Forms automates complicated business processes using a predefined sequences of steps and tasks to route information between workers. Organizations use these applications to manage…
Good morning,   I am trying to do an unique mouseReleased event for all textfields of my page. That's because I want to capture the selected text in all textfields.   Can i do it?   Thanks for… (Show more)
in JavaFX 2.0 and Later
Dear All,   We have 2-Node RAC ( deployed on Windows OS. Our level 0 backup is created using UNTIL clause; our assumption is that the backup will be consistent and whenever restored, will… (Show more)
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Rima V-Oracle
Hi Experts,   We have a usecase where a process gets moved to a humantask having only 1 stage ( say AwaitingXYZResponse) if  an invoke REST service fails due to connectivity issue. Later that REST… (Show more)
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