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Hi Experts,   Need your valuable inputs, when i load data in oracle table , getting below error, could you please help me on this.   ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kclcls_2], [7],… (Show more)
in Getting Started
I'm attempting to enable SSL/TLS so users can communicate using TCPS to an Oracle 12.2. Database. The database itself is basic, just a CDB with four PDBs. The database's wallet will ultimately… (Show more)
in Multitenant
Hi all,   We have noticed  few newbies are posting questions in wrong product spaces which may remain there unanswered. Example- Java product question will be posted in Database forums viceversa.  … (Show more)
in Getting Started
Hi, I am wondering why one should buy a book when the documentation is there and as far as I am aware, it has everything one needs concerning all Oracle products. Fundamentals, tuning, guidelines,… (Show more)
Hi, please, is there any reasonably simple way how to process IG's selected records server-side in PL/SQL as it was possible either with Tabular forms or APEX_ITEM API? I mean without messing with… (Show more)
Vamsi Maddipatla
Hi   I see a note that Oracle Social Cloud will be decommissioned in Sep 2020. Is it true as i dont see any documentation and how is it different from Oracle Social Network.   We want to use the… (Show more)
in Oracle Social Network
I'm using APEX 19.1. I have a requirement to put multiple regions on a page. For example, two regions are form based(static region with items, with submit button). I have tried with two regions… (Show more)
Hi all, I just wanted to know why the particular error is caused: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2 ORA-25263: no message in queue.   I see the ORA-25263: no message in queue.… (Show more)
in Advanced Queueing
rafal b
Hi Colleagues,   Is there any way to copy a few cells from an Interactive Grid and paste them all into another cells on the same grid? Something like in Excel, copying 3 cells from row 1 and pasting… (Show more)