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Rosario Vigilante
hello to all and thanks for help in advance   Below are my details:   --create table.… (Show more)
Sorry about that.   I am trying to create PL/SQL Function Body in APEX 19.2 .   Attached the query below:   return q'{SELECT sum(a - b)+ (c - d) TOTAL_EXPENDITURE FROM xxx_period_table WHERE… (Show more)
Hi,   I posted the below thread a few years back and moved on but, just noticed that someone hit something similar but, with Regions and a solution was provided.  Are there any samples on how we… (Show more)
Rajneesh Shukla-Oracle
Hello All,   I am new to Oracle Stream and want to explore below queries with your help:   1) Does Oracle stream support real time data synchronization/ change data capture? 2) Is it tool and what… (Show more)
in Data Guard
Rajneesh Shukla-Oracle
Hello All,   Does  audit logging is taken care by Active Data Guard to log how many records inserted, deleted, updated , by which session/process/job id and what time along with any error message… (Show more)
in Data Guard
Hi, Please, could you kindly help to find the link for End-Of-Support-Life (EOSL) for Hardware Products? I found the generic link but unfortunatelly I did not find the information for specific… (Show more)
in SPARC Servers
In sql server, the value = 20171030131152 exists in the database as start-time and 20171030131236 as end-time. I want to convert it into date time so that I can calculate elapsed time between… (Show more)
Chris Hunt
This annoys me:   SQL> create or replace package test_pkg as      c_pi  constant number := 3.1415926;      v_pi  number := 3.1415926;      function f_pi return number;   end; Package created.  …