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hi ,   Have text data in clob data type field:   <p><u>Key Deliverables Update:</u></p><ul><li>Global Expansion - Transact with Credit Card PPOR GA date = Jul-2. Team will continue to identify any… (Show more)
Max Done
Dear Experts ,   i have a bar  navigation pane , is there is anyway to set the icon set the icon on top and text a bottom , because the default Beauvoir is icon on left of the text   i am using… (Show more)
in JDeveloper and ADF
Hello All,   What do you do when an email address is flagged as "Invalid" in ELOQUA but they are actually valid email address.   Example: is flagged as Invalid in… (Show more)
in Global Deliverability
Hello,   We are trying to find a way to import JSON data from a web-service instead of from a file.   I think the information in the Doc ID 1923422.1 will help with the JSON formatting and syntax… (Show more)
Hello,   I am using a <af:panelTabbed with the following structure:   <af:panelTabbed id="pt1" childCreation="lazyUncached" dimensionsFrom="auto">   <af:showDetailItem text="" id="sdi1"… (Show more)
in JDeveloper and ADF
Hi All,   I am having a cursor and then fetching the cursor in a table and then using forall inserting the rows in table depending on what values are there in the table which was fetched from… (Show more)
Anna Brinkkötter
We've been presenting Eloqua to clients for quite some time now and it used to be possible to access and use Eloqua on a mobile device, specifically an iPad. Now, it is impossible to navigate to any…
I updated the log level to 5 still the log file do not show exact line, where it is failing. I see following two error code in the log file: - 2019-06-17 11:18:08,699 ERROR [AIF]: The script has… (Show more)
in Financial Data Management