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Hello everyone,   Hope everyone is doing well!   I created a table, PARTS, using sqlplus.  And it's fine in the sqlplus session. But when I went into SQL Developer and ran :     select * from… (Show more)
Hi All,   I found licensing sizing for Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) doesn't look the same, between MOS doc: Doc ID 2304342.1 VS OMC Documentation… (Show more)
Jerry Casey
There doesn't seem to be a place to post ideas in the  OBIEE MOSC (please correct me if that's wrong), so I'm throwing this in here.   I frequently use pivot table charts because they offer more… (Show more)
Hi All,      Please advise how to extend a hard disk partition in Oracle Linux 7.3     I tried using Gparted from a live CD in VirtualBox to extend the partition with no luck. I need to extend… (Show more)
in Oracle Linux
Hello, This question is not a technical one but I’d like to know from other Oracle developers about their experience in estimating how long it takes to develop with Oracle Apex? For instance, how… (Show more)
Hi Team, We recently upgrade OIM to  Here are some of issues we see. Any solution for this?   1) Users tab doesn't open at all. The screen just shows timing symbol, but doesn't… (Show more)
in Identity Manager
hi i seek help of an expert here. i have a sql question, pardon me please if i am posting in a wrong group, i have 2 tables used in the update query (cont and delivery_order_detail)… (Show more)