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Hi , I am running ldapmodify without ldif file name. instead am tying.   But When I execute the command, it is prompting with ">" symbol. Instead it need to be empty lines and enter the values… (Show more)
in Identity Manager
Hello Everyone.   My environment: Windows 10 Home edition; Oracle server 19.3 multitenant (the CDB plus one PDB named pdb1); Google Chrome (latest version: 76.0.3809.100).   Following the… (Show more)
Hello, Is 32 GB of RAM mandate for elasticsearch for peoplesoft? Has anybody tried running ES on a system with less than 32 GB memory? My intention is to explore ES with PS FSCM.     Thanks!
Hello ALL,   I have below requirement to fetch person details; If SUM (score) when 'Course' = (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) is <> 0. OR If person took course in ('Sports', 'Psychology')  … (Show more)
Our Cloud Operations team have identified an issue where the clients are experiencing degraded performance with login to Eloqua application. We do not currently have an ETA for resolution. The next… (Show more)
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Apex   I have a classic report that I want to return all 20 rows of a reference table but it's only returning the first 15. I have set the attributes: Layout >> Number of rows type:… (Show more)