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Hi   I want to find each employee and up to 3 managers up in the entire organization like below. We have position management implemented.   Employee, Manager1 -> Manager 2 -> Manager -> 3   SELECT… (Show more)
Hi I have developed testcase using sql developer ide and was able to see the testcoverage report in sql developer IDE . I don't have idea on how to integrate the testcase from IDE to Jenkins for… (Show more)
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Hi,   We have a requirement to customize one of the Error message in OBIEE 12c. If any of the report is running more than 10 minutes we are killing that particular query from Database (with a… (Show more)
Is it possible to make the scale axis dynamic for a line chart?  We are using Documaker Studio 12.3.
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Your public facing IP address is most likely a dynamic IP address assigned by your Internet Service provider and it changes frequently. To keep your hostname linked to your public IP address, you…
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Dyn Standard DNS zones are created on a per-instance basis. You will purchase Dyn Standard DNS for each domain name you wish to have served by Dyn Standard DNS. The following steps will guide you…
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To begin using your Dyn Standard DNS or Secondary DNS service, you must delegate (assign) the domain name to our servers. If your domain is registered with Dyn, visit the Zone Level Services page and…
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Oracle Trying to get METADATA_ONLY 40 Partitioned Tables each with about 7000 partitions   Jobs seem to be stuck on Wait Event "wait for unread message on broadcast channel". The P1,P2,P3… (Show more)
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Dyn Standard DNS provides two separate interfaces for adding DNS records: the Standard interface, which provides support for basic record types such as A, CNAME, MX and TXT records, and the Expert…
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