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For anyone with packages A or B, the final exam is available now through the end of the course. By earning a passing score on the final exam, you can earn the course completion award.  Final exam…
in Java SE Programming I MOOC
Noufal P
Hello,   Product: Oracle Hospitality Materials Control    i have a customer using MC in more that 40 location who is facing a challenge in inventory closing. due to no control in posting the… (Show more)
in Litening Connect Zone
Hello Gurus, Is autoindexing feature available for standard on-prem 19c EE databases?   Thanks & Regards,
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Profile Updates
In my oj-filmstrip, I have made the arrow visible and using the looping function so both left and right arrow are enable to slide.  However, is it possible to disable the left arrow at first page,… (Show more)
in Oracle JET
Hi All,   I am creating an rental application for three types of users, including tenants, agencies and admin. After they login, they should land on different pages e.g. tenant will be redirected to… (Show more)
A basic question, I m unsure what options to choose and what steps to follow in loading a fact table from source on to target.  The goal here would be : the mapping should be able to capture the… (Show more)
in Data Integrator
Marius St.
Hi, .net core 3.1 with new Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore has been released some days ago. I would like to know when there will be a release of Oracle.EntityFrameworkCore with  .net core 3 or 3.1… (Show more)