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Oracle version 18c. I have setup Data Guard between two RAC.   I have used RMAN duplicate command to create standby database and it finished successfully: RMAN> duplicate target database for… (Show more)
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My application had some computations on page 0 that were table lookups to set page 0 item values - These 'P0_item' values are referenced in other application pages.    I've just noticed in version… (Show more)
Hello, I've just installed Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS. There are problems with starting the data base.   sqlplus sys as sysdba SQL> startup… (Show more)
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Dear Support,   We are on,2 node rac.our ASM password file is in OCR diskgroup where we also have OCR and votedisks   ASMCMD> pwd +OCRVOTE/ASM/PASSWORD ASMCMD> ls -l Type      Redund … (Show more)
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Now that has been upgraded to Version 18.2, I see that the following 2 items mentioned in the Statement of Direction are available.   New side-by-side master detail page type… (Show more)
We have below parameter set for one of our database which is on and is 4-NODE RAC. And suddenly we saw we have had multiple queries running in large number of threads(DOP was 192 with… (Show more)
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Hi Experts, Oracle DB (12c) one of the DB view is in invalid status intermittently, DB View only dependency is Tables (No view, Packages etc), and no DDL has happened  (Column, DB type change)… (Show more)
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I am working on what I would consider "the right way" to solve a problem proposed in another thread:  Find a similar group with the same values in a column   ORACLE VERSION Enterprise… (Show more)
Hi,   My version is Standard Edition.   Consider the following data:   WITH sample_data(prd, c, s, q) AS (select '1001088', '0001', '38', 34 from dual union all select '1001088',… (Show more)