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Hi Experts,   Need to find actual block device (which are mapped to ASM Disk)     SQL> select dsk.group_number   2        ,dsk.disk_number   3        ,         as disk_name   4       … (Show more)
in Oracle Linux
Hi,   I am relatively new to the JET hybrid development and was wondering if there is a way to debug JET app running on ios simulator (also where would I be able to see console.log messages if I… (Show more)
in Oracle JET
Hi,   I want to implement a feature on the mobile app I am working on with JET where on the list view if user long presses a an item it turn into check list to select more, otherwise for a single… (Show more)
in Oracle JET
So after migrating the application from an on-prem Linux/Oracle 11g XE to Oracle Cloud Autonomous ATP instance, we are able to get the login screen.   When we try to put a userid/password we get… (Show more)
Dimitar Dimitrov
Is JDeveloper/ADF an official version? If yes, where can we get its "Release Notes", "Certification Information" and "Accessibility Information" documents? How could I check what the ADF… (Show more)
in JDeveloper and ADF
Steven Feuerstein-Oracle has a blog  (on the left hand side of the SQL, PL/SQL forums) and his latest link today, is giving kudos to contributors throughout the Oracle community. One sub-section he… (Show more)
Hi   Are there any tutorials for defining TSDP sensitivity types and policies. How about RAS  : TSDP and RAS ?   Reasoning is that it seems to require pretty rigid naming conventions and… (Show more)
in SQL Developer Data Modeler
i would like to update a sql. after that i would like to rollback the update. i wonder what is the rollback session? if i update so many many times. and finally i type rollback. will it rollback all… (Show more)