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Kathies -Oracle
This new KM document shows, with screen prints and step-by-step instructions, how to display a Google Map in a CafeOne layout. Doc ID 2469978.1.
Hi All, We have been trying to load Sample application cube through FDMEE and during the course of loading, we came upon several issues and we raised many of them on this forum. We are also reviewing… (Show more)
in Financial Data Management
Hi   I use Jdeveloper 12.2.1, i create a SOA project, this project i need to use jar library that deployed in weblogic as library, for example in ADF i add this library reference in weblogic.xml, i… (Show more)
in SOA Suite
Hello.   We are using apex 18.1 and are having interesting customer request.   Customer wants a report that is generated upon some criteria, that returns one record (one report row). Then he wants… (Show more)
Martien van den Akker
Hi guys,   At my current customer I'm trying to install the ojet cli. It takes a very long time (hours) and yet it still seems to fail to load some resources. At some tries it just even halts. But… (Show more)
in Oracle JET
I am having an issue when I am trying to access Documaker 12.4 in my Windows 10 Machine. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. I am having the below issue when I try to open the Studio.  
in Documaker
Hi together,   I need your help in a SQL query Problem. My Problem is it, I want exclude all timelines which have in the last date the conditions JIRA_PROGRESS= closed and JIRA_DECISION = false  … (Show more)
I have migrated a 10G form to 12c and lower frame is now visible partially only (see missing button in 12c ). I tried to increase the frame size but getting same results. What am I missing?   10G… (Show more)
in Forms