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Announcement 1 Patching Window on Community - Friday, January 19 from 9-11PM PT
Announcement:Patching Window on Community - Friday, January 19 from 9-11PM PT
Hi Experts,   I am working jdeveloper Studio Edition Version   I have a requirement, where I need to enable panel group based on the af:selectManyListbox selected values. I used to do… (Show more)
in JDeveloper and ADF
Hi all,   I using webcenter portal 12c. I want get primary connection in the content presenter, using java code. In the webcenter portal framework application (11g), I can get it using DocLibUtils.… (Show more)
in WebCenter Portal
Harish Pothuri
We have implement AP invoice automation using standard oracle processes. UCM is being already used for other applications with accounts enabled. I can view the content info by constructing the doc… (Show more)
in WebCenter Content
Hello, I have a data set of transactions that I need to summarize into groups. I can do it very nicely based on a single day gap between transactions but I need to have a bind variably in my SQL… (Show more)
Hi, During the last Montreal Oracle Day Joel Kallmann said about a free production space. Some new about this? Thanks.
Please have patience with me as I'm very new to all this. I've started self learning SQL with Oracle SQL by Example 4th Edition. It was recommended to me to download Oracle XE to install the practice… (Show more)
Hi all,   I am trying to call a secured (Https + Certification with password) rest webservice into a BPM process. I created a BPM application(i am working on soa/bpm ) and in the… (Show more)
in SOA Suite
Nandha Natarajan
Now-a-days, when i am trying to import a admin values from EXPORT to IMPORT applications in v622, I receive the below error in P4P-PORTAL folder in Event Viewer.     Can anyone help me why i am… (Show more)
in Agile PLM For Process
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