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Hi everybody!   I use Data Integrator Version 12.2.1 and I have very strange bug: I have a mapping, there is a table on the target area. A table has several field. Two fields have tha same type and… (Show more)
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Hi,   Whether there is a option to replicate/synchronize the aud$ table in different database with another name, example aud$_replica. I need јob that will be running for an hour and will bring the… (Show more)
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Hi All, How to find list of the parameters being used by a replicate process? is there any command?   Regards, Dharma
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When I try to connect with oracle : It is showing as 'Connected to an idle instance'     So, I tried commands as follows, still getting error as shown below     Give solution for the above… (Show more)
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Omar Baig
I am using Oracle Apex 18.1 with ORDS 18.1 and with Database 11gR2, how can I export application with schema attached, so when I import the Application it will install the Schema as well.      … (Show more)
Hello Experts,   We have adf application integrated with Oracle fusion SCM Cloud and session management handled using User Detail service. Now we have to implement ADFDI, Could you please tell me… (Show more)
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Ahmed Haroon
hi all   I am using to test my following query which gives me:   ORA-00904: "MMONTHS": invalid identifier   my sql statement as below ( when remark pivot clause it is running… (Show more)