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On : 12.2.4 version, Rapidclone  When attempting to run, the following error occurs.  ERROR ----------------------- Configuring: Patch file system.... LogFile located at… (Show more)
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Hello ,   We have a requirement to provide customer details such as balance account number etc to another system . How to create a report and expose it as a webservice in OBIEE 12c. Tried to read… (Show more)
Hello,   I would like to change the query for one of the list of values (Project) in iProcurement.   What are the steps to extend or replace a VO in 12.2.8 EBS version?   Appreciate any help or… (Show more)
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I've just received a very good phishing email that purported to be from Oracle+Dyn to many of my business e-mail addresses. It was from and linked to… (Show more)
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Rajneesh Shukla-Oracle
Hello All,   Does materialized view offer real time data replication or it is near to real time replication? My source and target db are different  oracle db instances(2 different PDB within 2… (Show more)
hi all,   I have build a Form module, it was successfully modified and run, now for some reason, re-installed the same OS (Win7 32 bit) as previously, Java 6u45, Dev 10g, but when trying to Open… (Show more)
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hi am geting this error starting rcu in oracle linux 7.4 $ ./rcu             RCU Logfile: /tmp/RCU2019-12-01_17-19_1281532887/logs/rcu.log     PuTTY X11 proxy: Unsupported authorisation protocol… (Show more)
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Alternate database Connection in Oracle Forms I have an Entry from that connects to production database server (Oracle Enterprise 11g). I want to add sencond option In case of connection… (Show more)
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