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Hi FDMEE experts,   I am trying to improve performance during the import/validate step.   I was wondering what is best practices in regards to the below mappings I have. Also performance wise.  … (Show more)
in Financial Data Management
Hello experts,   DBA Version : Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production   I have this below data set up and the match_recognize clause to select the data :   As… (Show more)
Hello everyone, so i have been working on a bpm application i just completed a process and deployed on weblogic server. I made a connection with openLDAP. After making connection i was able to view… (Show more)
I have enabled audit on oracle database version with parameter audit trail- db extended.   And I have When I query against aud$, I can see below entries   audit all; audit session;… (Show more)
in General Database Discussions
Hello   I have an application that gathers and stores data over time. Because of the applications reliance on the network and other functions the data is gathered at irregular intervals.   The… (Show more)
EBS 12.2.5 12c   Hi ALL,   We have "Create Accounting" programs which take very long time to complete, especially during month-end period of closing runs. Is there a way to "speed-up" create… (Show more)
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On Oracle R12.1.3 and having  One Business Group and under this group we have 10 Operating Unit 10 Ledgers and 10 Inventory Orgs.     Now the requirement is  to segeregate and drop the data of one… (Show more)
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hello. I have purchased an old X4270 M1 server for a hobby project. An Ebay purchase, but was told to be working. I can login to ILOM and see no faults with the unit, but can not get it to show a… (Show more)
in Oracle x86 Servers
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