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Dear all.      Oracle 12c && APEX 18.0.      I have a problem with the Gannt chart, as follow:      As you see,this is the data source. Now I use a gannt chart to show as the 2nd photo.One task… (Show more)
I am following this steps to create an ACL on my Oracle 12.1 db (redhat 6).  I am getting ORA-29024 when I test a http call to google.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.… (Show more)
Mr. H
Hi HPCM Gurus,     Does HPCM provide out-of-the-box Reports? or we have to create our own reports using Financial Reporting Studio?   BR Hany
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Hi Friends,   I want to assign work schedule to all the employees in the firm. I have two different schedules need to assign one schedule to one set of employees and another for another set. And if… (Show more)
in HCM Cloud Service
I have modified a report in FR with new rows (accounts are on the rows) and when I run the report the new rows appear but other users still see the old version before the changes.  Why are some users… (Show more)
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We are excited to welcome you to the My Oracle Support Community! We hope you find this group to be a comfortable place to engage with other community members and learn the things you need to know to…
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Fahd Bahoo
Apex 5.1.4 Database 11.2   i have three process in my page. The last process can raise error pragmatically by using RIASE_APPLICATION_ERROR. The first two process are inserting data in some tables,… (Show more)
Hi all,   It would be really nice if I can grant privileges on a specific schema. for example there are some lead developers on the db which connect to database and do some certain jobs on…