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Hi,   We are moving to OKTA Cloud. and also we have OIM I want to auto /approval based provision users from OIM to OKTA what is the best way to do it. Is there any predefined ootb webservices… (Show more)
in Identity Manager
I want to code in such way that constant declarations are reusable and so can be called by other packages.  Are both methods shown below OK or is one preferred over the other due to performance,… (Show more)
HarryF LGS
I have an interactive grid with custom PL SQL to update it. I want to apply updates to the selected rows using the PL SQL code.   I know how to apply updates to IA Grid with Javascript but I want to… (Show more)
Sql server DateTime column insert A@T(useDate) values(.......)???????
Please introduce yourself using this discussion area. Feel free to share what interested you about this MOOC, your time zone / country and what you expect to learn from this course.
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Hello I am the TAM working at a large Govt of Canada location and they are running HCM v9.1 Payroll and Time and Labor. They have been experiencing deadlocks on the nightly batch processing pretty… (Show more)
Hello, I'm using Apex and Oracle 11.g on a Windows 10 platform. I'm enhancing an existing page with some error checking.  After the user presses the submit button, a process is… (Show more)
Hi   Dose OAC comes with Essbase installed by default? Or do we have to buy separate version or product?   Thanks
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