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Hello All,   I have below requirement where i need to disable the update button, based on the value of certain column in the row.   Below is form which i am developing in OAF. User has option… (Show more)
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Alexis Brown-Oracle
We are excited to welcome you to the My Oracle Support Community! We hope you find this group to be a comfortable place to engage with other community members and learn the things you need to know to…
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I have an interesting situation with themes style in oracle apex applications. I have three different applications, all with different themes style. You log in once, and access the different… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm trying to configure mi network instance of Apex with a wildcard certificate to serve my aplications trought "" but i can only find info about calling resources outside my… (Show more)
From an APEX application (APEX 4.2), I have to copy a string to the clipboard in order to then process it in another application. Does APEX offer such functionality, or do you have an idea how I can… (Show more)
I am loading GL data from Oracle Financials.   Now I need AR transactions, what is the best way to config?   What instruction do I need to provide the OF lead?   Thanks, PR
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