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Charles M
Hi All,   I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place for this question, or not, but if it isn't, please let me know the proper board for it ...   We are trying to troubleshoot an issue and… (Show more)
in Solaris 10
Hi,   I have followed the steps to get the MQ connection but I am getting below mentioned error,please help   The Message-Driven EJB failed while creating a JMS Connection. NestedException Message… (Show more)
in WebLogic Server - JMS
Hi All,   When we edit the formulation specs and try to change the Quantity we found this issue.   Quantity field is not editable in the inputs section for few Formulation Specs. We have almost 10… (Show more)
in Agile PLM For Process
Hello,   I would like to ask an issue that I'm currently facing. I downloaded EBS 12.1.3 from and put in Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 update 6. After downloaded, I extracted the… (Show more)
in EBS on Linux
Emad Al-Mousa
static data masking is a much needed security feature, many times application support team will require the DBA to refresh TEST database with production database data. it will be great to have the…
I'm using APEX 18.2. I'm using a classic report with "Media list" as template option, with a sample query/media template as below. How can I highlight the the current row that user clicked?. any… (Show more)
I am here to share an idea that can be valuable to secure java class file from being viewed and updated . If i create a jar file of my project and some one can update it and use it for own purpose…
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