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rohit007 replied (in response to dimatteo) Re: java card response 0x6985 and 0x611C in different scenario. (5 days ago)
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Rickad replied (in response to fac586) Re: APEX Application, referencing within an 'Submit Process' (37 minutes ago)
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William Robertson commented (in response to BPeaslandDBA) GROUP BY 1,2; (1 hour ago)
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1090457 asked Any KYC / Accounting Opening for Bank demo available? (5 hours ago)
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956483 asked Issues with ADI in 12.1.3 - would they disappear in 12.2.x (10 minutes ago)
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user3715462 asked Patch conflict  when upgrade javaMail API (12 minutes ago)

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user549560 asked Architectural question please (13 minutes ago)
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User501417-Oracle replied (in response to Ayhan Gungor) Re: How to build af:fileDownloadActionListener programmatically (16 minutes ago)
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user11830249 asked Folder Permissions not saving (17 minutes ago)
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2932261 asked Display only distinct values in narrative view (18 minutes ago)
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user3045615 started the discussion Error report - Connection reset by peer: socket write error (20 minutes ago)
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2844889 asked How to create XML string from BPM Business Object? (43 minutes ago)
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user7598565 asked Insert Parameter in a Fragment?? (53 minutes ago)
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rickepm replied (in response to bill.white) Re: Live - On-site training availability (2 weeks ago)

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Henk Vandenbergh-Oracle replied (in response to 2931213) Re: dedupratio in multihost environment - unable to remove slave (1 hour ago)
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0ab199cf-ff7c-43fa-bee8-e08952b252b3 replied (in response to Mohab.Elsayed) Re: Can't find session when sending HTTPS to self (4 hours ago)
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tillie replied (in response to rp0428) Re: Are any new 12c functionalities not available if you go to non-CDB? (35 minutes ago)
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2794733 asked Smartview executable not launching in Workspace (1 hour ago)